What NOT to Do When Selling Your Ramsey Home

What NOT to Do When Selling Your Ramsey Home

  • Feagles Team
  • 12/7/22

Homeowners looking to sell their property have a lot of hard work ahead of them in order to close the deal and earn top dollar for their listing. From getting the home ready to be put on the market to spreading the word to potential buyers, the home selling process involves many intricate steps before a transaction is finalized.

In order for a transaction to be a success, homeowners need to be prepared as they navigate their local real estate market and put their home up for sale. Competitive markets such as Ramsey, New Jersey can be a challenge due to the beautiful selection of properties for potential buyers to choose from. It is therefore essential for sellers to not only put the work in to have their home ready, but to do everything they can to prevent problems from developing down the line.

There are a few missteps many homeowners make when selling their home, and knowing about them in advance can save you from trouble. Avoid these common mistakes when selling your Ramsey home to ensure your transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

Underestimating the associated costs

Selling a home has far more associated costs than most homeowners realize. Underestimating these costs can land you in a difficult financial situation down the line if you aren’t prepared. Getting your property ready to be listed can be pricey after factoring in the costs of labor for any work that needs to be done on the property, as well as additional expenses, such as closing fees. Responsible sellers need to know about these costs from the beginning and plan accordingly.

The timing of when your home sells can also have an impact on the associated costs. If you find a property you love and decide to make an offer while your current home is still on the market, you may be left paying the mortgage, utilities, taxes, and all other bills on both until a transaction is finalized. On the contrary, if your current home sells before you find a new property, you may end up having to rent a home as well as a storage unit until you can find something permanent. Being aware of these costs in the beginning and preparing for them is the best way to avoid growing overwhelmed later.

Skipping the necessary repairs

The best way to attract solid offers is by presenting a property that’s in tip-top shape. Never skip making necessary repairs and list your home while it still has appliances that need to be fixed or problems that need to be addressed.

When your home has broken or poorly maintained features in it, the first thing potential buyers will be thinking about once they walk through the door is the workload they’ll be taking on upon owning the property. Therefore, you should take the time to walk around your property and make a list of anything that needs to be repaired or updated prior to it being shown to the public.

Disregarding the staging process

You only get one chance to make a first impression. The best way to do so is by having your home undergo a staging process so it appears in pristine condition while being photographed for listings, and viewed by potential buyers on tours. Never disregard the importance of the staging process and the impact it has on generating interest in the property.

Homes sell the quickest and for the highest price point when they appear both functional and stylish, leading buyers to immediately imagine themselves occupying the space from the moment they walk through the door. Many homeowners choose to work with a professional home staging company during this process to receive tips and tricks on their interior design and decor before the property is listed.

Jumping at the first offer

Receiving offers on your property can be a thrilling experience. But don’t let all the excitement cloud your judgment and lead you to jump at the very first offer without evaluating its terms and determining your options. Consider all aspects of each offer that comes in, paying special attention to which contingencies it includes that outline the terms of the sale.

While the offer price is of course a critical factor in selecting an offer, it isn’t everything. Rather, the contingencies attached to some offers can ultimately turn out to be the best option on the table due to their overall superior terms.

Choosing the wrong real estate agent

The real estate agent you work with can have a huge impact on how your experience goes. Take your time to find a qualified agent who can assist and guide you throughout the sales process. A great real estate agent will be able to provide you with tips on how to prepare your property for listing, and give you advice on what potential buyers are looking for. They will use their professional resources to set an ideal sales price that will yield a substantial profit while still generating lots of interest from buyers. A top agent will also be up-to-date on all the latest marketing tools to ensure your home is seen by the largest pool of potential buyers, and they will put their top-notch negotiation skills to use when closing the final transaction.

By anticipating the associated costs, completing all necessary repairs, staging the home, evaluating all offers, and choosing a great real estate agent to work with, you’ll be avoiding some of the most common mistakes homeowners make, and you’ll set yourself up for a successful transaction.

Finding the best Ramsey Realtor

If you’re planning to sell your home in Ramsey and are looking for a qualified real estate agent to assist you, contact the Feagles Home Team today. As experts on the Ramsey real estate market and the neighborhoods in its surrounding region, each Ramsey realtor on the Feagles team has a history of closing deals on incredible homes for sale in Ramsey, NJ, and can give you valuable insight into its housing market, as well as tips on how to get your home sold.

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