How to Create a Welcoming Space: A Guide to Interior Design in Ridgewood

How to Create a Welcoming Space: A Guide to Interior Design in Ridgewood

  • Feagles Team
  • 08/1/23

Everyone has walked into a room and instantly felt at home. The space, decor, and furnishing all came together perfectly to make visitors feel at ease and welcome. Transforming your home into an inviting space can help guests relax and enjoy the time spent in your house. Additionally, decorating your home to be warm and welcoming is a great way to attract buyers during an open house or showing. Luckily for homeowners, a few simple adjustments can transform any room in your home into an inviting space for guests. If you want to create a home where your guests can feel at ease, check out this interior design guide for Ridgewood residents.

Keep your home clutter-free

No one feels welcome stepping into a home that is filled with clutter. After living in a house for many years, it is natural to acquire a lot of stuff that eventually overtakes each room. The transition is so gradual you may not even notice your home is becoming cluttered. When decluttering, try to look at each room with a fresh set of eyes and see the space as your guests would. Clear overcrowded shelves, move stacks that are piled up, and organize storage spaces. Put away anything that is out of place. Decluttering will go a long way to keeping your guests at ease in your home.

Find an inviting color scheme

While you may be partial to bright, bold colors, choosing a palette that is subtle and relaxing will help bring the perfect welcoming feel to any room. Dark colors can make a space feel stuffy and cramped, while bold colors can be too loud. Instead, opt for warm colors like bright beiges and creams or light blues and greens. These colors make a room look lighter and more spacious, which encourages relaxation in your guests.

Add plush, comfortable seating

The goal of creating a welcoming space is to put guests at ease and have them stay a while. Providing stiff, uncomfortable furniture is a great way to get visitors rushing for the door. Instead of choosing furniture based on aesthetics alone, also consider the comfort it will provide, which in turn affects the vibe of the home. Buy furniture that compliments the space and matches the color scheme while also considering the shape and fabric that will provide maximum comfort. Plush cushions, soft fabrics, and a rounded shape provide the best comfort and a cozier look.

Arrange furniture thoughtfully

While plush furniture creates a cozy vibe, it can overtake a room if not done properly. Furniture should be positioned in a way that makes the room feel large. Keep sofas and chairs away from the walls or cramped spaces. Placing them in the middle of a large room will allow guests to move around easily. Arrange furniture to face any special home features like large windows or a fireplace.

Layer soft textiles

In addition to comfortable seating, adding plush textiles and soft fabrics can add a cozy touch to a room and make it feel more welcoming. Drape a couple of warm blankets over your sofas and chairs. Add pillows of different sizes, shapes, and textures to complement the color scheme and add intrigue to the room. Soft curtains and plush carpeting can transform any room into an inviting oasis that screams comfort and relaxation to guests. 

Use warm lighting and lamps

Lighting is a great way to brighten a space; however, choosing the right lights is important to making a room appear more welcoming. Harsh yellow or white lights can brighten a space but also add unpleasant tints to a room. Instead, opt for soft, orange, or yellow-tinted bulbs that will bask each room in a gentle, relaxing glow. Opening the curtains during the day to bring in as much natural light as possible is the perfect way to lighten a room. At night, lamps can be added to create an intimate and inviting ambiance.

Add natural elements

When trying to create a welcoming space, homeowners can find a lot of inspiration in nature. From lush greenery and fragrant flowers to wood-themed decor, the environment provides many things designers can use to add an inviting touch to their homes. Being surrounded by plants and natural elements can help many people feel less stressed and more relaxed. Adding a few potted plants or flower clippings to your home can bring an overall feeling of serenity to a space.

Fill your home with fragrances

Scents like peppermint, vanilla, lavender, and sweet orange make many people feel more relaxed. Using candles, diffusers, fresh-cut flowers, or room sprays can provide some soothing aromatherapy for guests while covering up unpleasant odors. Keep scents subtle and pleasant to encourage relaxation without overpowering the room. Consider using scents that go with the seasons, such as flowers in the summer and pine in the winter, to create a complementary and multi-dimensional experience for guests.

Add personal touches

When creating a welcoming space, homeowners are trying to fashion their homes in a way that allows their guests to experience maximum relaxation and comfort. However, that does not mean you should abandon all personal preferences for the sake of making an inviting atmosphere.

While creating a stylish and sophisticated home is important for many, fashioning a space to look like a hotel or a photo from a magazine may not give you the inviting feel you were going for. A room that is too perfect-looking can make guests feel stiff and like they should not relax or mess the place up.

A good way to combat that and keep your home looking stylish and inviting is to add personal touches to each room. This will also help keep your home from looking too cookie-cutter and allow guests to see the unique elements that make your property one-of-a-kind.

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